The Estonian Association of Audiovisual Authors (EAAL) is a collective management organisation of the economic rights of authors of audiovisual works and their successors.  

EAAL works closely with the Estonian Authors’ Society (EAÜ), collecting and paying remunerations.  

According to the Estonian Copyright Act, the following audiovisual authors have the right to obtain remuneration:

  • directors

  • screenwriters/authors of dialogue

  • cinematographers

  • art directors

In order to obtain remuneration, authors have to enter into a membership or customer agreement with EAAL.

Private copying remunerations collected by the state are paid to authors also via EAAL.  

EAAL is involved in the development of sector-specific regulations and advises its members and clients on copyright matters.

In addition to Estonian authors, EAAL also represents audiovisual authors from foreign associations. Cooperation agreements with associations representing audiovisual authors from other states are concluded by EAÜ. Agreements with foreign associations can be found here.    

The EAAL’s General Assembly is held once a year, and in the meantime the association is governed by the Board of Directors. Minutes of the General Assemblies can be found here. 


For questions regarding authorship or payment of remuneration, please contact us at